If you love someone, you say it, right then, out loud. Otherwise, the moment just passes you by


“You are the best Dad in the world”, my first son hugged me and told. I hugged him back and smiled at him, he was so happy. He was holding his Wimpy Kid new series book against his chest with one hand and McDonald’s meal packet in his other hand. 🙂 I was proud, felt really good for creating a situation to let his heart out. However suddenly I realized, till now, I have never told my Mom and Dad directly that I even love them, leave alone telling them, they are the best in the world.

My childhood and teenage are of the typical struggle of a lower middle class boy, trying meet each ends up, running from pole to post, each of us in the family had definite roles to play in each and every day and all of us was busy in it and had never got a chance to express ourselves or rather we pretended to be busy. I was just wondering how many times I have told my wife, mother of my 2 children, that I love her.

I looked at my wife who just got hold of our second child, who was running around in the mall. She was panting, I put my arms around her, held her towards me and kissed her forehead.  She looked at me with surprised eyes, I smiled back. I saw a special twinkle in her eyes… she put her arms around my waist and we started walking towards my Mom, who was shopping for a dress for my wife, they both sank into that special world of ladies.


While waiting with kids for them to finish the shopping, I picked up the phone and called Dad

Dad : Hello

Me: It’s me

Dad: I know…, what is so special?? [His usual rude voice, our conversions are usually on monotone 🙂 )

Me: Nothing, thought just call you and wish Merry Christmas.

Dad: ……silence

Me: How are you? How’s your health?

Dad: As usual, challenges of old age, that’s all….. (I could sense his tone changing)

Me: You are planning to come this side soon?

Dad: It will be cold there now, right? I will come by March.

Me: Silence…

Dad: Mom told, you were not keeping well last week, what happened?

Me: Nothing… Old age catching up….

We both cracked into a laughter

Dad: How are kids? (More relaxed tone)

Me: Will give it to them….

Handed over the phone to first one… there was a healthy conversation about school, studies and books between them, and my kid ended the conversation with “Love you Grand dad, come soon…” and started helping second one with the phone.

I wish and hope, he keep letting his heart out through out his life. It is always great to know that someone loves you and it is amazing to hear it from the person, you love.

That night, at home, kids were fighting to sleep in their Mom’s lap. She made both of them lay down in each of her lap. I got up, walked towards my mom, who was sitting in sofa and watching TV, laid down in the sofa with my head in her lap, her fingers started running through my hair and I felt like the same old small kid, two droplets started rolling down my cheeks…




As days and months pass-by, kids are growing faster than you even imagine. My Eight-year-old started demonstrating more highly-developed thinking skills as well as the ability to solve problems with creative strategies 🙂 As most third grader, he combine skills and strategies to read fluently with meaning and purpose, more over apply comprehension and vocabulary strategies to a wider variety of words and is better able to check on and improve their comprehension as needed.

It was the assessment week, and it was the day before EVS assessment.
His mom asked him, “What is that you need to revise”
He said, “Digestive system” and we went to him room for studying.

Wifey is a member of a whatsup group of all the moms of his class students. During assessment week, this group traffic is at the peak. Confirming of topics, sharing of notes as photos, sharing of text book pages, concerns of not been able to revise, status of each student on where do they stand with respect to the preparation etc will be choking the network.

That day, one of the moms was sharing the notes with another mom, whose ward didn’t bring the notebook back home but left in his cubby (cupboard). My wife was reading her whatsup messages and suddenly busted into a laughter. The mobile phone was handed over to me and was asked to look at one of the pages shared. bottom of the page read “Draw a flow chart to show the journey of your breakfast from your mouth to toilet”.

We both were laughing, my kid came walking in, asked, “What happened, why you guys are laughing?”
I asked him, “Did you draw the flow chart of breakfast from mouth to toilet”.
He smiled and replied, “There are three ways,  1. As per text book, 2. Eat your breakfast and vomit in the toilet, 3. Take the breakfast in the mouth and go to toilet and spit , easier is the third one”.
We both stopped laughing, looked at our kido for a while with surprised eyes. His naughty eyes twinkled and smile surfaced on his lips and we all started laughing our lung out.

The Influence

My boys are growing fast; first one is going to be 8 years this May and second one has already past 2 year milestone 6 months back.

The 8 year old is in his transition from innocent childhood to adventurous teenage. We could see lots of innocence, naughtiness, sweet manipulations, good and bad influences from whatever he sees along this phase. Studies say until 11 – 12 years till they reach teenage, they in the process of learning how to relate to their friends, adjust to social rules, and evolve from free play to more elaborately structured interactions and expectations. One component of social and emotional growth in 8- to 10-year olds is their desire for increased independence from parents and siblings. During this journey to find the means to appropriately individuate, they can, at times, seem stubborn or defiant. They will be more and more negotiating for what they want or arguing their point of view, at home and with friends, applying their more highly developed thinking skills, advanced language abilities, and increased concentration skills.

Recently there was an incident which exactly reflects the new trait of him, applying the imbibed influences in the general talks.

One day after bath, he had changed his clothes (all by himself) and walked into the living room, where we all were sitting and talking. My wife noticed, he was wearing his T-shirt the other way.

She told him, Popsy… you are wearing the T-shirt other way around

He looked at the T-shirt realized the mistake but reluctant to give in, smiled at her and said… yes, mom… but now back is the new front….

Clueless, we both looked at him, and asked to wear his T-shirt properly …

As he was putting his t-shirt properly, the advertisement on sky bags back pack flashed on the TV screen…

Tit for Tat

My elder boy is now 7 years, growing fast. He is becoming much more adept at taking care of himself, not only in those day-to-day routines such as bathing, getting dressed, eating by himself (at times reheating the food and eating) but expressing preferences for certain activities or types of books or foods, tying his shoe laces, doing his homework himself etc.

He is now a avid reader and recently into a book series called Diary of a Wimpy kid, glued to it most times. He has already finished most of it. I have seen, A Novel of Cartoons, The Movie Diary, The Ugly Truth, The Last Straw, Cabin Fever, Dog Days, The Long Haul…. of Wimpy series in his list of completed books and the the list goes on…

His loyalty to cartoon characters have changed over years from Dora and Diego to Micky Mouse, Thomas the Tank Engine, Doraemon to now to Pokemon. Ash Ketchum and Pikachu are his heroes now.

Not yet adolescent and no longer a young child a 7-year-old’s behavior and routines is been shaped by constantly balancing independence with reliance. His insistence and justification on certain things in the initial days was little difficult for us for being typical Indian parents.

He has this habit of taking bath and coming to living room in front of the TV without slipping into his dress. My wife keeps reminding him that it is a bad manner not to dress properly before coming to social/family space and lectures on personal and private spaces and honoring them, but more often he forgets in the urge to witness a pokemon challenge.

One day, my sister and her family was there at home and he did the same. My wife took the opportunity to bully him and make him feel ashamed so that he takes her tips seriously

Look at the 7 year old boy, Don’t you feel shy to come in front of people like this?

Like a typical 7 year old, he is certainly better tolerant going with the flow or unexpected situations than what was he one year back, looked at her and asked

You were fine to watch PK wearing nothing and seeing him, even though he was bigger than me, but not me?, why… why… whyy….?

    He was quoting a movie, PK, we watched the day before. The introduction screen of the title character of the movie is similar to that of Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Terminator

My wife had no answer and then there was a silence for a while, then we all laughed together however later he had a timeout session followed by the tip…

Films are mostly larger than life and what ever you see in movies cannot be replicated or copied in our life. Movie is an entertainment just like Pokemon, we cannot do what ever Ash Ketchum or Pikachu doing in the series the real life.

Good thing is, It worked!!!

Moments of Laziness….

Let me first accept the fact that, of late, I am becoming too lazy…

I am not sure, age is catching up or new one on the block and work is keeping me too busy…. I am feeling, I am missing my own personal time with myself. I am not reading anything new….. I am not scribbling down my thoughts…. I am sleeping late and missing my early mornings….

And last weekend, in fact my wife helped me to have sometime for me myself…, she went for her social circle with both the kids. I was browsing… going through some of the photos, I have clicked recently…, I found few photos, that’s worth sharing… hope you will enjoy, my saga with light and shade… I couldn’t believe, my so-called laziness captured such wonderful innocent moments…. Special thanks to all the models… my nephew, my nieces and my naughty lil ones….

Chu... Chu... train....

Chu… Chu… train….

I am Grumpy...

I am Grumpy…

Ringa Ringa Roses...

Ringa Ringa Roses…

Walking towards the horizon

Walking towards the horizon

Tried... but energy is still oozing in the eyes....

Tried… but energy is still oozing in the eyes….

Lost in Thoughts...

Lost in Thoughts…

N'joy the splash...

N’joy the splash…

Sea shell collectors

Sea shell collectors

I am not playing....

I am not playing….

Sand and Water

Sand and Water



Peak a boo...

Peak a boo…




Too many choices to pick….


The Cute Gaint…


Ok… What next,….?


Why yellow, blue, orange, violet balls are all round…?


It’s been almost an year and a half…, I have been here. It was a long winding break, full of action.

Major happenings being

  • Personally I am blessed with my second child.
  • Professionally, I have moved on from the organization, I was associated for more than 8 years and matured professionally to a start-up where I am busy establishing self.

I am hoping this post to be the ice breaker…

I have been too busy and lazy at home to pen down my thoughts… Not that I am not penning down, my physical excercise also have come down… gained around 4 kgs… The plan is to burn that extra fluff and converse with you my thoughts and views.

For the time being, please find below few snaps of the new one….


Curious bro…

image 002

Here I am

12162012 045

Started Posing for Dad’s camera…


Brotherly love – Seeing them, sometimes I feel, I have not done enough justice of being a big bro….to my siblings….

Kidus 055

Click… Is this okay…?

latest 044

Lift me up…


Boyz… My wife says… I have 3 kids… all boys together…

home 043

Bed time play…

Getting Bigger!!

My maternal grand father passed away three months back. We went to my maternal ancestral home to pay tributes and the rituals. When we reached there, Grandpa’s body was kept with head facing south in the home entryway on the floor. A lamp was kept lit near his head and incense sticks were burning. A strip of cloth was tied under the chin and over the top of the head. The thumbs were tied together, as are the big toes. Someone was reciting Ramayana in a feeble voice and people were talking in hushed voice. From one of the rooms inside, we could hear some controlled sobbing as well.

As we were paying tributes to my grand father, my kid switched on to his inquisitive mode.

SON: Dad, why is great grandpa lying down like this? Is it fancy dress?

I looked around, I saw some raised grey eyebrows and some youthful lips hiding a smile. I signaled him to keep quiet. He looked at me, made up an angry face and walked out.  I paid homage to grandpa, spend some time with grandma and came out looking for him. He was sitting next to my cousin’s kid and playing. I went near him, but he ignored me by forcefully turning his face to the other side and making an angry sound of ‘Anhh…’. I also felt not disturbing him as he has found some activity to settle down with. Late in the afternoon, people were pouring in to catch a last glimpse of my grandpa, who was a prominent figure in that locality and I was engaging those people. While I was talking to one of the visitors, my son came to me

SON: Dad, I want to talk to you.

ME: Yeah, sure…

I turned to the person, I was talking and introduced my son. He bent forward, held my kid’s chin and asked him

UNCLE: Hello…. how are you…?

SON: I am good, but I need to talk to my dad, now…

UNCLE: (Smiling….) Sure… (Touched his head….)

My kid forcefully removed his hand, held my hand and pulled.

SON: Come…..

I apologized to the person whom I was talking and promised that will come back soon to resume the conversation and took my kid outside the premises.

SON: Why didn’t you tell me, why great grandpa is laying down like that…?

ME: (Smiled…) We are not supposed to speak loud there, that is why… You might have noticed people whispering there…

SON: (Pretending anger… grumpy face..) hmm… why…?

ME: Grandpa has passed away… he will be now going to heaven, the god’s home…. and will become as a star in the sky… and will never come back to earth… because of which everybody is sad…

SON: Is he dead….?

ME: (Surprised…) Yes…

SON: How did he die…?

ME: He was old and as one grows very old, the body will become weaker and weaker and will be more prone to diseases and finally die.

SON: (with eyes brimmed with innocence) Will I die…?

ME: (Stunned…) (Lifted him up, gave him a kiss) Yeah… everyone will die as they grow old… But you have lots and lots of time and years and years to go before you become old to die…

SON: Ok, let us go in, I want to do su.. su… … (want to pass urine)

We spend a week there and were back. I always want time to get back into the grove, when I am back home after being away  for sometime… especially with my things…. it’s locations… it’s availability… :)…. too cranky…. right…? …. yeah… I am…. sometimes more than my child… As things were falling in place,  all of a sudden, one day, my kid was refusing to have food and my wife repeated our regular punch line

WIFE: You want to be as big as dad, right…? have food… (He always wanted grow bigger… and wanted to be tall and strong )

SON: No… I don’t want to grow bigger…

WIFE: (surprised and taken back…regular ploy failed… since it was working well… there was no plan B as well…) Why…?

SON: (Started crying….) If I grow bigger like dad, dad will be as old as grandma… and grandma will die…. I don’t want grandma to die…

There were no words between me, wife and my mom…. but I saw tears rolling down my mom’s eyes and my kid running towards her….